The ESSENCE of Writing a Novella Serial

If you’ve been following my book reviews, you know how much I enjoyed the Insurrection science fiction serial by my indie author pal Anela Deen. So when she invited me to do a guest post on writing novella series, I was both excited and anxious. What could I possibly say on the topic to someone who’d already demonstrated such good use of it?

As I tried to think of something sufficiently insightful to share about my experience writing Syzygy, one consistent theme emerged: distilling everything, from the plot to the prose, down to its purest elements. Thus I developed ESSENCE, a seven-step guide for writing novella serials. (I spend 40+ hours a week in a bureaucratic cube farm that loves acronyms, and couldn’t help myself). To find out what ESSENCE represents and how it can help you write novelle, head over to Amid The Imaginary and check out the post. While you’re there, snag a copy of Insurrection and see how much page-turning fun novelle can be!

What do you think?

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