The Literature Museum: Sci-Fi and Sexism

“Think of it as the literature museum,” my father told me when I was fifteen. I was a dually-enrolled high school student at the local college, and frustrated with some of the ideas I encountered in the curriculum’s so-called classic novels. Dad, a veteran English major himself, helped me contextualize the antiquated stories by likening... Continue Reading →

Environmental Hazards: Five Challenges of Writing Climate Fiction (Part 4)

This post is part four of a seven-part series discussing my experience writing climate fiction in my novel, Blue Karma. Challenge #3: Choose-Your-Own-Apocalypse Our present environmental situation offers a smorgasbord of cataclysms for writers to employ: air pollution; mass extinctions; ultraviolet rays roasting us through holes in the ozone layer; a rise in mosquito-borne disease as regions grow... Continue Reading →

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