Can stories save the world?

I grew up with my bare feet in the grass and my big nose in a book. My favorite tales explored human relationships with nature: survival epics, ecological mysteries, and wilderness adventures. Now, with our marvelous planet imperiled, I’m advocating its cause the best way I know how: through stories.

Often they’re fictional (at least for now). My novels and short works explore the consequences of climate change, fusing science and suspense into page-turning thought experiments. Sometimes they’re factual narratives of my wild escapades. Illustrating travelogues with nature photography, I want to show how much we still have that’s worth preserving.

In biology, “wild type” refers to the most common genetic form of a species, as found in nature. The wordplay perfectly evokes my writing: pounding out words rooted in environmental advocacy. My stories alone can’t save the world, but I hope every reader I reach will find new appreciation for Earth, and inspiration to protect it.

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