A science fiction saga in serial novelle.

SYZYGY (syz·y·gy \ˈsi-zə-jē\) 1. the alignment of three celestial bodies. 2. a pair of connected or corresponding things.

Shackleton Crater was never supposed to be home. The lunar mining station sheltered survivors for a century after a genetic engineering disaster wiped out Earth’s population, but now the domes are crumbling, and humanity’s best hope is to terraform Mars with species that teenaged “divers” collect from their ruined homeworld. Ash became the best diver in a generation by taking risks: exploring dangerous sites; staying too long on the toxic surface; and striking a bargain with Skye, an interloper from the dark-side rebels who promises him the location of a hidden archive with everything needed for a new planet. But their discovery reveals secrets that threaten to shatter their fragile communities. As old lies and new truths emerge, only Ash and Skye’s fractious partnership can save their species…or finally drive it to extinction.

Syzygy: The Complete Series unites all six installments of the original novella hexalogy in a single epic volume:

The 5th Anniversary Edition, released in January 2023, includes a new afterword by the author.

Dive into the early days of the Syzygy universe with Wild Type, a free prequel novelette available exclusively on this site. Haven’t read the series yet? No worries! This story is a teaser, not a spoiler. Download the PDF version for an adventure with the prior generation of terranauts.

Reader Reactions

This author excels at putting the ‘Science’ in Science-Fiction…amazing info is expertly folded in with a fictional story in such a way that it feels incredibly real. …Well researched, full of thoughtful themes and developed characters, this is a marvelous Sci-Fi series that I think everyone will love, from YA to adult.”

Anela Deen, author of Failsafe and the Insurrection series.

“This never feels like a young adult novel. Instead, it’s an intriguing look at two opposed post-apocalyptic societies on Earth’s moon, with interesting world-building details that show how both factions view their place in humanity’s future… The fast-paced plot has lots of twists and turns.”

J.L. Gribble, author of the Steel Empires series

“With its unique concept, stellar descriptive writing, and suspenseful plot,Syzygy’ completely redefined my expectations for what science fiction should be.

Scribbles and Stories book blog

The Science of Syzygy

I did lots of research to make Syzygy’s near-future world as realistic as possible. Along the way, I learned some fascinating things about the real science underpinning my fiction and wrote a series of blog posts to share it.

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