“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” 

Carl Sagan

I’m on a mission to put the “sci” back in sci-fi, using today’s science to explore tomorrow’s society. Environmental themes course through all of my stories, taking the classic narrative conflict of “Human vs. Nature” a step further. But “Human vs. What Humans Have Done To Nature, And By Extension To Themselves” isn’t terribly catchy. Cli-fi? Speculative fiction? Eco-fiction? Whatever you call it, it’s rapidly moving into the non-fiction section. But plucky characters give me hope that the future isn’t completely lost.


Blue Karma

In a drought-stricken future, three teenagers—a refugee ice poacher, an AWOL soldier, and the heir to a hydrology empire—fight to protect North America’s dwindling water supply.

Young Adult Climate Fiction


Hunting a hidden seedbank on ruined Earth, rival lunar colonists uncover truths about the genetic engineering disaster that drove humans from their homeworld, a discovery that could save their species…or finally drive it to extinction.

Young Adult Science Fiction

Beat In Her Blood

A paramedic battling illegal biotechnology, and a disabled veteran who needs it to survive, reluctantly team up to hunt a murderer spreading deadly devices in near-future Baltimore.

Adult Science Fiction/Mystery

Short Fiction

Rocket Man

This lonely spacefarer is not the man you think he is.

Short Story, published in Cicerone Journal, September 2021

Armed for the Future

Neither dust storms nor disability will stop teenaged engineer Cassini from saving her father…or uncovering the truth about her Martian colony.

Short story published in Brave New Girls: Adventures of Gals and Gizmos, a YA science fiction anthology supporting the Society of Women Engineers’ scholarship fund.

What you can expect from my stories:

  • SOUND SCIENCE. I conduct extensive research to build my future worlds on plausible foundations. Writing science fiction is a terrific excuse for me to learn new things; I hope to pique your curiosity, too.
  • PAGE-TURNING PLOTS. I like stories that grab me from the first sequence, and plots with more twists than a DNA double helix.
  • COMPLEX FEMALE CHARACTERS. These were lamentably absent from much of the sci-fi available in my youth, so I vowed to change that with my own stories. I strive to make all my characters interesting, of course, but I pay particular attention to dismantling gender stereotypes.
  • DIVERSE CASTS. Because no matter what other demographics we claim, we’re all Earthlings, sharing this planet and its problems (and hopefully some solutions, too).
  • NO GRAPHIC SEXUAL EXPLOITATION. There’s enough of that garbage in society without putting it in my books. Slow-burn ships are way more fun, anyway!