Blue Karma

In a drought-stricken future, three teenagers—a refugee ice poacher, an AWOL soldier, and the heir to a hydrology empire—fight to protect North America’s dwindling water supply.

Water. It covers almost three quarters of the planet, comprises more than half the human body, and has become the most coveted resource on Earth.

Amaya de los Santos steals water. Orphaned and stateless, she supports herself and her sister by supplying illegal markets. But when she provokes the law, and the ire of a water-worshipping cult, she’ll need more than just survival skills to save her family.

Logan Arundson almost dies for water. Deserting his military post for his drought-stricken hometown, he finds himself back on the front lines when a mysterious new water source turns neighbors against one another. As blood and water spill, he must choose between loyalty and love.

Paul Hayes’ family business empire is built on water, but sabotage threatens it all. Determined to investigate, he defies the company’s powerful CEO—who happens to be his mother—and discovers the industry’s underworld, where liquid is worth more than life.

Amid a maelstrom of climate and conspiracy, these three teenagers determine the future of a blue planet gone dry.

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Reader Reactions

Cli-fi is about to explode and Blue Karma is going to take it there. Cli-Fi is the new Dystopian, as Blue is the new Black in this brilliant forthcoming narrative….”
GirlPlusBook YA book review blog

“…A spiraling journey of intense emotions.”
– eBook Review Gal website

“Blue Karma is an excellent “clif-fi” novel…J. K. Ullrich is a great writer I can’t wait to read more from.”– The Leaning Tower of Tomes book review blog

“I was reading this at past midnight…just couldn’t put it down.” – EmDoesBookReviews book review blog

“Subtle and complex, the world of Blue Karma drew me in, made me worry for the characters… and had me clutching my water bottle a little tighter.” – Amid The Imaginary book review blog