Review: World War Z

The new year brought zombies down upon us. My Laddie, desperate to fill the void left by finishing Fallout 4, started playing Dying Light and scampers off to his computer after dinner, chanting “zombies, zombies, zombies!” My monsters are pagebound, re-animated only in my imagination: after letting it languish on my reading list for years,... Continue Reading →

Review: A Canticle for Leibowitz

This novel begins with the discovery of holy relics, which makes it worth recounting the way in which the book came into my possession. Last summer we took a beach vacation with my parents. The rental house anticipated rainy days with puzzles, games, and a motley assortment of books. Amid the dated spy novels, paperback... Continue Reading →

Review: The Maddaddam Trilogy

After several weeks of compulsive reading, I just finished the Margaret Atwood's Maddaddam trilogy. Few series are engrossing enough to compel me to read all of them in succession, but this one joins The Warlord Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogies on my short list of exceptions.  Even if dystopian fiction isn't your thing, it's... Continue Reading →

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