How to Write a Novel, Part 2: Crafting Characters

Last year, a friend told me she had an idea for a story. “That’s awesome!” I said. “Tell me about your characters.” “The heroine is kind of a rebel who sees things differently,” she explained. “Then there’s another girl who represents the establishment.” I stopped her and threw down some emergency novelist knowledge:  characters are... Continue Reading →

Sentenced: Struggles with Short Stories

Stephen King must have a much more affectionate relationship with short stories than I do. The past two months I spent writing pieces for ASU’s cli-fi short story contest—submitting them just a few days shy of the deadline last Friday—didn’t feel like a passionate, mysterious encounter. More like a home invasion. Let’s review the charges:... Continue Reading →

“Blue Karma” A Finalist in Shelf Unbound Indie Book Competition

Blue Karma made finalist in the Shelf Unbound indie book competition. Thousands of authors submitted their novels (so I'm told) so top six is a terrific accomplishment. Sarah (@sarahplusbook), the dystopian editor for Shelf Unbound, reviewed Blue Karma this summer and encouraged me to submit it. Thanks, Sarah: here's further proof that authors need to listen to their readers! Seeing my book... Continue Reading →

Review: His Dark Materials trilogy

First, a confession: it took me much longer than it should have to read this trilogy. My dad bought The Golden Compass in a local children’s bookshop when I was about ten years old (I recall the store fondly because it had the best reading nook I’ve ever encountered: an artificial tree molded into the... Continue Reading →

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