The Science of “Syzygy”: Terraforming

“How can you terraform long-distance?” “Robots and microbe bombs.” A gleam of enthusiasm lit Ash’s face. “It’s really cool. Our scientists engineer microorganisms that can build up the atmosphere and fix nitrogen in the soil—.” “More gene hacking.” Skye sniffed. “Didn’t you learn anything from Spores?” “Yes. That organisms can thrive even in harsh environments … More The Science of “Syzygy”: Terraforming

Book (and rocket) Launch: “Transient Phenomena” now available

My new book has launched! Transient Phenomena, part one in the Syzygy novella series, is now available on Amazon. Appropriately, it’s not the only thing blasting off today. At 10:05 EST, NASA will test a powerful new rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS) intended to propel astronauts to Mars. It’s an eerie confluence: like the … More Book (and rocket) Launch: “Transient Phenomena” now available

Science News: NASA Confirms Liquid Water on Mars

The Martian hits theaters today! I’m suspending my usual policy of avoiding opening-day movie crowds and going this afternoon: Andy Weir + Ridley Scott x Matt Damon = too good to wait. But there’s also some exciting non-fiction news from the Red Planet this week. On Monday, NASA confirmed that its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) … More Science News: NASA Confirms Liquid Water on Mars

Melting Mars (Supervillain Style)

Only twenty days until the adaptation of The Martian hits theaters! The sci-fi survival tale will undoubtedly fuel interest in the feasibility of real-life trips to the Red Planet. NASA head Charles Bolden anticipates such a mission could occur in the 2030s, although Martian author Andy Weir thinks 2050 is a more reasonable timeline. In either case, … More Melting Mars (Supervillain Style)