Review: Operative, by A. Deen

The second installment of the Insurrection short story serial--which Anela, the indie author champion behind Amid The Imaginary, offered me in exchange for my honest review--ups the ante on its predecessor. After devouring Subversive in one sitting, I plunged immediately into the sequel. Operative focuses on Ellie, a young analyst forced to choose between love and duty. Following the cliffhanger events of... Continue Reading →

Review: Subversive, by A. Deen

It's been a long time since I stayed up too late reading, but last night found me feverishly turning pages well after moonrise...not of a novel, but a short story. Anela, the indie author champion behind Amid The Imaginary, contacted me earlier this week and offered me her Insurrection serial in exchange for my honest review. After my recent challenges... Continue Reading →

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