“Blue Karma” Wins LibraryJournal Ebook Award

Library Journal just announced the winners of the inaugural Self-Published Ebook Awards. The competition “recognizes authors who submit the best ebooks in their respective genres” (fantasy, science fiction, romance, and mystery). I received a Tweet about it while making dinner and idly clicked the link; if I kept “tasting” the chili, there wouldn’t be any left for the meal, and a list of top-prize e-books seemed a wholesome distraction.

When I saw the cover of the science fiction winner, my jaw dropped. Usually that’s just a metaphor, but today it went literal as I stood there with my mouth open (not even shoving chili into it). It was my book cover! A volunteer committee of librarians dubbed Blue Karma the best self-published science fiction e-book of 2015. I had to re-read the page several times to make sure I wasn’t misinterpreting it. A few minutes later, my Laddie staggered in from his evening run and I shoved my phone up to his face before he could even catch his breath. “Guess what?!”

This award one has a certain sentimental resonance for me as well. I’ve written before about how much of my childhood I spend in libraries and my tremendous affection for the institution. Earning the recognition of librarians–people who aren’t interested in a book’s profits or Hollywood potential, but whether it deserves to be read and shared–means a great deal to me. Check out the other winners and honorable mentions at LibraryJournal.

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