Drops in the Ocean: A Book Giveaway for Charity on World Water Day

We’re in the midst of kitchen remodeling here at Chez JK, and a wee plumbing issue had us drinking bottled water for a few days (and to think my Laddie laughed at me when I bought an emergency reserve all those months ago). As I trekked down to the basement for a fresh gallon, grumbling, I reminded myself that women in some parts of the world walk much, much farther for their families’ daily water. Clean, plentiful water on demand is a luxury often lost on people like me who are fortunate enough to live in water-secure regions. My first awareness of life without water, in the aftermath of a hurricane when I was 17 years old, inspired my novel Blue Karma. Since then, I strive to be both appreciative and conservative in my water use. This most recent reminder came at an opportune time: next week, March 22, is World Water Day.

f76f5959b1c7b16f61aca52148c2d2c5The United Nations designated this day in 1993 as a celebration of water, a reminder of how many people globally lack reliable access to clean water–the present estimate is 663 million people, one in ten–and an opportunity to examine our future water management. To recognize this year’s World Water Day, I’m offering free Amazon Kindle downloads of my novel Blue Karma on March 22. But that’s not all. For each free copy downloaded up to 100, I’ll donate $1 to water.org, a non-profit organization that helps developing communities around the globe access clean water and sanitation. (Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with this organization, and it hasn’t endorsed my books or this giveaway. Water is just a topic about which I am passionate, and I want to support the cause.)

My goal is to give away 100 copies and donate $100. Will you help me get there? You don’t have to spend any money. You don’t have to join any e-mail lists. You don’t even have to read the book. Just download Blue Karma from Amazon on March 22: you’ll get a free novel and water.org will get another dollar towards its critical mission.

Tonight, when you curl up to read with a cup of hot tea or lounge in the bath with a book, think of how amazing it is to have all that water available, whenever we want it. Not all Earthlings are that privileged. Help me make a difference next week on World Water Day. Share this post and upcoming Twitter reminders with friends, and encourage them to  join us. My $100 goal may be a drop in the proverbial ocean, but many drops together–small donations and acts of conservation, like molecules of hydrogen and oxygen–can form a powerful wave.

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