Guest Posts and Interviews – Spring 2019

I’ve been busy as an endangered bee this spring, but thankfully, the good people of the writing community gave me several opportunities to pause my solitary toil and connect with other humans. Here’s a quick round-up of the guest posts and interviews I’ve done over the past few months. Thanks to the hosts for featuring me!

Guest post for writer/blogger Ari Meghlen

Denizens of the Twitter writing community might know Ari for her monthly game, “The Merry Writer”, but she also runs a top-rated blog packed with craft advice from authors around the globe. I wrote a guest post about how speculative fiction writers can hijack the seemingly impossible directive “write what you know” to their advantage. Creative types seeking a new approach to authentic world-building in fiction should check out WRITE WHAT YOU WONK: How Fiction Writers Can Engineer the Exotic from the Everyday.

Author interview with Advanced Literate

Taylor Vogt of Advanced Literate–an online community championing independent creators who need a little visibility–recently started a YouTube channel dedicated to author interviews, and I had the privilege of being among his first participants. Our lively conversation spanned gender portrayals in sci-fi, the challenges of writing speculative fiction in an academic program, and some of the inspiration behind my books. Want a glimpse into an indie author’s writing process (or just watch her get overly animated and make ridiculous faces)? Make some popcorn and enjoy this video.

Guest post for author Lawrence Schoen

What started with space opera ended with bootleg limoncello! I met science fiction author Lawrence Schoen at Capclave last fall, and he kindly invited me to feature on his Eating Authors blog, which posits a single, deceptively simple question: what was your most memorable meal? After a mouthwatering reminiscence through my most outstanding culinary experiences (don’t let the rangy athlete’s frame fool you–I love to eat), I chose an episode from my university study-abroad experience in Italy. If you enjoy food writing or travel writing, you won’t want to miss this one.

As you can see, contrary to the stereotypical writer personality, I’m quite extroverted! If you’ve got an outlet related to storytelling, science, or self-publishing and would like to work with me on a feature, hit me up via my Contact page.

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