“Brave New Girls”: A Sci-Fi STEM Anthology

If you or a kid in your life need some sci-fi summer reading, I’ve got a book for you! Brave New Girls: Adventures of Gals and Gizmos goes on sale today. The fourth in its series, this anthology features 26 science fiction short stories starring STEM-savvy girls. All proceeds support the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund. Authors and illustrators donated their work; our earnings from this project are moral ones, doing our bit to promote female role models in science and engineering.

Our? Yes, my story “Armed for the Future” appears in this anthology! Drawing inspiration from my visit to the astronomical observatory on Mauna Kea a few years ago, it’s a space colonization story with a twist (c’mon, it’s me, what else do you expect?). I was thrilled to contribute, since the book’s purpose hit me right in the heart.

As a kid in the 1990s, it vexed me that the sci-fi stories I loved so rarely featured women, much less girls my age. Finding a heroine to emulate in my favorite genre was nearly impossible (thank goodness for Princess Leia). I’m grateful that Brave New Girls provided an opportunity to give this next generation the tales I wish I’d had.

I hope you’ll check out the collection and enjoy some good stories for a great cause!

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