Sick of Climate Change: AMA (and Cli-Fi Writers) Declare Public Health Crisis

There’s less fiction than I thought in my upcoming novel about the health impact of climate change: yesterday the American Medical Association (AMA) declared climate change a public health crisis. “The scientific evidence is clear – our patients are already facing adverse health effects associated with climate change, from heat-related injuries, vector-borne diseases and air … More Sick of Climate Change: AMA (and Cli-Fi Writers) Declare Public Health Crisis

The Tasmanian Tiger’s Trail, Pt I: Recreation

Last March I visited Tasmania, a long-awaited voyage to the home of my favorite childhood animal, the thylacine. Since the trip occurred before I rebooted this blog, I didn’t post about it in real-time. This month I’ll take you on an anniversary tour, posting a highlight from my ecological adventure every Sunday. Hit that follow … More The Tasmanian Tiger’s Trail, Pt I: Recreation

The Science of “Syzygy”: Genetic Engineering

“Just take a bite.” She appraised him suspiciously, then dropped her jaw like a snake and bit into the pitaya’s flesh. “What is this?” she mumbled around ravenous bites. “It’s called a pitaya. Tons of vitamin C and calcium. Our scientists blended in genes from a legume to—.” A wet mouthful of pulp flew across … More The Science of “Syzygy”: Genetic Engineering

The Science of “Syzygy”: Terraforming

“How can you terraform long-distance?” “Robots and microbe bombs.” A gleam of enthusiasm lit Ash’s face. “It’s really cool. Our scientists engineer microorganisms that can build up the atmosphere and fix nitrogen in the soil—.” “More gene hacking.” Skye sniffed. “Didn’t you learn anything from Spores?” “Yes. That organisms can thrive even in harsh environments … More The Science of “Syzygy”: Terraforming

The Science of “Syzygy”: Lunar Colonization

Pressing his forehead to the cool window, Ash blocked out his companions and watched the pale, pocked surface blossom into detail. Solar panels winked like fallen stars around the rim of Shackleton crater. The colony itself, a cluster of domes joined by tubelike corridors, made raised scars on the moon’s skin. Compared to the glittering seas … More The Science of “Syzygy”: Lunar Colonization

The Science of “Syzygy”: Space Elevators

The Vator’s cable shone across the inky sea, a nanothread umbilicus glittering with electromagnetic energy. The quad landed among a dozen others on the massive anchor platform. “Ugh, I hate being the last one back,” said Thorn, glancing around at the other vehicles. “There’s going to be a line for the de-con pods.”  As he … More The Science of “Syzygy”: Space Elevators